Best Wii U deals UK

Best Wii U deals UK


The Wii U is out on the 30 November in the UK bringing with it the next generation of console gaming. You've decided the wacky controller, better graphics, and of course Mario is for you, but where should you get it?

Here are the best deals we've found on the web, let us know in the comments below if you find anything better so all our readers can benefit.


Amazon has taken a no-frills approach to the Wii U. It costs £299.99 for the Wii U 32GB Premium Pack in Black and £248 for the Wii U 8GB Pack in White.

Games prices vary depending on title. New Super Mario Bros U costs £44.99 while ZombiU costs £43.99. Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition will set you back even more; £49.99.

Here you can get the Nintendo Wii U Console Premium bundled with a copy of ZombieU for £349.99 including free delivery. If you are a customer you will also earn SuperPoints. The deal is still £6 more than's offer.


His Master's Voice has the ZombieU Premium pack priced at £329.99 including Free delivery in the UK. It's worth noting however that HMV aren't promising delivery for day one, but instead some time between the 30 November and the 15 December. HMV is also selling the Wii U on its own for £299.99

John Lewis

The high street department store is selling the Nintendo Wii U 32GB Premium Pack with Nintendo Land, Sensor Bar and Accessories in black for £309.95. At the time of writing the website is "out of stock" but the chain will most likely have stock in store you can grab along with a nice cushion and some material for some curtains at the same time on launch day. For an extra £50 you can buy a three year warranty.

No guts, no glory. That's probably what the buyer at Zavvi thought when they moved to undercut everyone else with its ZombieU deal. It is stocking the Premium Wii U Pack in Black with the ZombieU game from Ubisoft for £319.99.

Not where you might expect to buy the latest console from, but it is one of the most aggressive when it comes to pricing. There are a number of bundle deals available. Highlights worth checking out include the Basic Wii U console with New Super Mario Bros U for £279.00 and a Nintendo Wii U Basic Pack White with Pro Controller, GamePad Cradle/Stand, New Super Mario Bros U and Fifa 13 for £359.99. Before you get lured by the price though, remember it is only selling the Basic not the Premium versions of the console.

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