Largest source of energy on Earth

Largest source of energy on Earth 

Every day we need energy to carry out our activities. Food is necessary for energy for the body, so the body healthy and ready to work fine. Gasoline required by the motor to the car and we went everywhere take every day to support the work activities. Need to turn the gas cook stove so the fire can be lit and produce rice. Even more use of energy that we do every day.

Of the many sources of energy that we use every day, there are a number of energy sources is remarkable and can be used in a very long period of time. Unlike petrol, gas and other petroleum supply is very limited and will run out if it continues to be used. This energy is the primary energy of our lives. He is the sun.

Vides can imagine the world without the sun, we may not be able to live. Why? Solar energy is needed by all plants to photosynthesize. Photosynthetic plants will produce oxygen so we need to live. Because plants photosynthesize, so he could be utilized as a source of food such as vegetables and fruits. Animals also benefit from this plant photosynthesis. So plant called a producer, producing food in this world.

We can not make rice without rice aid, we can not make the vegetables without the help of spinach, kale and cabbage. All of this can be enjoyed thanks to the sun. In addition, solar energy can be used to propel the car tanpat gas, generate electricity, and can also be used to heat water.

Solar energy is very large and abundant supply and can be harnessed for human life and do not damage the environment like fossil fuels. Fossil fuels produce CO2 which makes global warming and make the earth more heat.

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