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1-ABC Drawing School

-ABC Drawing School I Animals
-ABC Drawing School II birds
-ABC Drawing School III Dinosaurs
-ABC Drawing School IV Vehicles
-ABC Drawing School V Christmas
-ABC Drawing School VI Flowers

Simple to use software providing lessons for drawing.
Easy to follow visual instructions show how to connect simple forms like circles and rectangles with a few lines to complete drawings.
One click selection from many colors and customizing of draw width is easy to use even for children.
Learn to draw animals step by step! ABC Drawing School I is a simple to use software providing lessons for drawing animals.
Easy to follow visual instructions show how to connect simple forms like circles and rectangles with a few lines to complete drawings.
One click selection from many colors and customizing of draw width is easy to use even for children.
Follow the exercises shown at the preview window drawing directly at your computer screen using your mouse or graphics tablet or take paper and pencil if you prefer.
Print out your computer drawings or save them for later reuse.
Optional sound effects increase fun. Optional display of grid makes drawing of the correct proportions easier. No matter whether dog or cat, mouse or elephant, lion or fish, drawing with ABC Drawing School is pure fun!



2-Dr Seuss Preschool

Dr Seuss Preschool ISO - Dr Seuss' wonderful and crazy characters spring to life before your eyes on this great CD by Broderbund.
Kids from 3-5 can learn a full year of preschool skills in a zany world with wacky activities.
Yertle the Turtle is helping kids with counting. Kids find the turtle with the right number or count turtles and stack them on a rock. Kids learn number recognition and counting.
Fox is Socks has a fun game to play with his socks. Children sort socks into boxes by colors, size or both.
There is also a fun undersea game where Strawberry Jellyfish asks kids to color fish. Beginning levels ask children to identify shapes and colors. In upper levels kids identify shapes, colors, size and count objects.
There are two matching games. In the first children match number to numbers and number to their words. The second game asks children to match letters and ultimately letter sounds to pictures. Horton the elephant will pronounce each picture, letter and it's sound. This is a great phonics activity.
An game with Pop, from Hop on Pop, helps kids with rhyming. Pop has lots of rhyming stories to tell after kids match words that rhyme. All activities have automatic skill leveling to ensure children are consistently challenged. Progress tracking helps parents monitor each subject area. Kids love Dr. Seuss, especially bright and colorful, fun and interactive Dr Seuss they can play with.



3-LittleFingers Software -Bone Appetit

As proprietor of the Bone Appetit bone shop for dogs, you will buy and sell bones to your canine customers and learn the art of making correct change. But, be careful - if you attempt to give your customer the incorrect change he's liable to get grumpy! The program includes change of 1, 5, 10, and 20 dollar bills.

Classroom Volume 1
Part one of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, this volume is recommended for children in preschool through grade 1. The games include:

* ABC Order - (shown) click on the dots in ABC order to reveal the hidden picture. Covers both upper and lower case letters
* Color With Sally - Color the pieces of the necklace according to the numbers shown.
* Jack's Jungle Game - Find similarities and differences in objects and help Jack color his jungle!
* What Belongs? - Similarities and differences in objects. Short tutorial and two quiz sections: click on the object that doesn't belong in the group, and match similar objects by dragging with the mouse.
* Which Flower? - Use deductive reasoning to find the correct flower.
* Sally's Necklaces - Finish the pattern of the necklaces by choosing the correct beads.

Classroom Volume 3
Part three of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, these games are recommended for children in grade 3. Math Match, Spell It Right and Place Value have content editors that allow you to enter your own sentences and words or set the user level. The games include:

* Counting Coins - count the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies shown.
* Freddie's Fractions - an introduction to fractions using coloring and pictures.
* Homonyms - determine the correct usage of words that sound the same, are spelled differently, and certainly mean different things!
* Marble Math Race -(shown) a two-player math skill builder using basic addition and subtraction.
* Math Match - match the sum or difference of the equations to reveal the hidden picture. Lesson editor allows the parent or teacher to specify addition, subtraction or a mixture of both.
* Plural Nouns - easy rules for applying the s, es, and ies endings to the plural forms of words.
* Spell It Right! - find the word that is spelled incorrectly in the sentence and then spell it right! Add your own word list using the word editor.
* Place Value - locate the number in the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, or millions place. Set the user level to include or exclude any of the above.

Classroom Volume 4
Part four of the LittleFingers Classroom Series, These games are recommended for children in grades 4 and 5. Many games include an editor for entering your own content. The games include:
* Averaging Numbers - learn to average numbers from word problems.
* Counting Syllables - count the vowel sounds to determine the number of syllables in words. Word editor allows you to enter custom sets of words.
* Doubling Consonants - When do you double the last consonant when adding the word endings -ing and -ed? These rules will show you!
* Fact or Opinion? - Is it a fact or an opinion? You decide. This lesson includes an editor for entering your own fact or opinion statements.
* Problem Solving - Solve word problems with Dudley the Dancing Duck. Lesson editor allows for custom entry of word problems.
* Reading a Street Map - (shown) Find your way to the correct place on the map by following written directions.
* Terrific Terrible Trios - the correct usage of the words there, their, and they're! These three words are commonly mis-used by elementary students. A lesson editor lets you enter your own storyline or set of sentences for play.
* Past, Present or Future - the rules of verb tense are reinforced in this lesson on writing skills. Lesson editor allows you to enter your own set of verb tense statements.

Escape From Eternity Inn
You can check in, but you can't check out of Eternity Inn unless you outwit the innkeeper! Solve 60 puzzles and a murder mystery to escape from the 11 room inn. Puzzles are generated at time of play, so no two games will ever be exactly the same! The puzzles cover a variety of subjects including math, vocabulary, spelling, foreign languages, geography, science, social studies, abstract thinking and much, much more!

Fun with Charlie
Six fun and educational games for young children. The six games are:
* Cheese Hunt - Match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
* Parts of a Whole - Match the part shown with the object it is part of.
* What's Different? - Find the object that is different in some way.
* Memory Game - Can you remember what Charlie was wearing?
* Beginning Sounds - Click on the letter that represents the beginning sound of the object shown.
* Which one is... - Which object is bigger? Smaller? On the left? Many different directions included.

GeoGenius World
test your knowledge of world geography with the "Quiz Me" feature of GeoGenius World! Full-screen color maps are easy to read, and the game is broken down into regions: Canadian Provinces, United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Northern Asia, Southern Asia, and Oceania.

Little Red Wagon Town
Gain points by playing seven educational games and redeem your points for prizes! The seven games are:
* Ice Cream Shop - make ice cream sundaes by matching the ones shown.
* Hat Shop - place the hats on the shelves by following directions. Includes right, left, above, below, and between directions
* Food Market - Match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.
* T-shirt Shop - Make t-shirts in the t-shirt shop. Reinforces size, color and shape skills
* Town Diner - Count out the cost of your meal by clicking on 1, 5 and 10 dollar bills.
* Library - Arrange the books in the library in alphabetical order.
* Doughnut Shop - Count out the correct type and number of doughnuts to fill the customer's order.

Monkey Math
Nine math activities with Marvin the Monkey! Addition, subtraction, number sequence, fractions, graphs, and money are all
included in this program. The individual activities are:
* Picture Addition - Add the two sets of objects.
* Picture Subtraction - Subtract the second set of objects from the first.
* Math Path - Follow along the math path by finding the sums and differences.
* Math Paint - Find the sum of each equation and paint the answer the correct color.
* Missing Numbers - Find the missing number in a number sequence.
* Picture Fractions - Color the objects to match the fraction shown.
* Picture Graphs - Drag each object into the correct row and determine what object shows the most and what object shows

the fewest.
* Story Graphs - Answer the questions by reading the bar graphs.
* Math Menu - Read the prices on the menu to determine how much the purchased items cost.

Picture Math
Six math activities help build math skills in young children. Addition and subtraction with numbers 1 to 10, finish the pattern shown, drag objects into the correct grid in both vertical and horizontal graphs, drag shapes to create tangram animals, and divide a pizza and count out presents that represent the fraction shown.

Picture Puzzles
Six fun and educational puzzle games for children. The six games are:
* Picture Doku - Similar to Sudoku but with pictures!
* Picture Places - Drag the puzzle pieces into the correct place to reveal a shop or building.
* Picture Shift - Put the picture puzzle pieces back in the correct order.
* Picture Simon - Match the sequence of events generated by your computer!
* Picture Sets - find a set of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 objects hidden behind the picture tiles.

* Picture Pyramid - Take a good look at the location of each object in the pyramid - then put them back where they were!

In LittleFingers Preschool, our most popular program, the LittleFingers gang of colorful characters leads your child through a series of six activities to reinforce early learning skills such as same/different, letters of the alphabet, counting with numbers 1 to 10, shapes, colors, and reasoning by completing a series of puzzles. This program provides lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement for preschool children in an easy-to-use interface.

Space Worms
It's Wilbur the Worm in space! Travel through space with Wilbur and play seven wacky and wonderful games. These games cover finding what's different, mouse skills, painting by number, sequencing, finding similarities, counting 1 to 10, and reasoning. This program includes the popular Space Germs game in the Online Games section of our site. Very colorful graphics and wacky sounds will make for hours of fun for your child!

Where's Iggy? In the USA
Iggy loves to travel across the USA by bus, train, airplane and automobile Follow Iggy across the USA and earn points by solving puzzles with the clues provided! This program helps reinforce many learning skills such as mapping skills, reading charts, money, time, US state capitals, and many more!

Word Workshop
This program was developed to help reinforce the correct usage of words. Customize the program by entering word pairs such as accept/except as well as a sentence using one of these words.



4-Fisher-Price 123's (ages 3-5 Yrs.)

Brief description of this software product:
This is a merry, musical journey that teaches children all they need to know about numbers.

This program is appropriate for the following age groups: Preschool and Younger
Type of software: Software that Educates
Kids will learn the following skills:
Now to count from 1 -10
Number sequencing
Relationship of numbers to everyday life
Shapes and Colors
Number recognition in written and verbal form
Math readiness



5-LEGO My Style Kindergarten

LEGO My Style Kindergarten
LEGO My Style was recognizes that some children learn best by association with letters and words, others by association with numbers, colors or sounds. LEGO My Style was designed to allow a child to learn by utilizing his or her unique musical, mathematic, language, athletic or artistic abilities to build confidence while obtaining while

obtaining school readiness skills.

The Kindergarten title reinforces early school curriculum, exploring four unique areas of learning: Math, Art, language and Music.
* LANGUAGE Old West - Word Recognition and Matching
* MUSIC Haunted Castle - Musical Instruments and Sounds
* MATH Toy Store - Adding and Subtracting Numbers
* ART Prehistoric Cave - Matching and Pattern Creativity


6-Kids Having Fun

We originally made the games for our own children, they liked it so much we decided to share it with everyone. We enlisted the help of our 4 year old Daughter for the sound effects of the Dragon and the small boy, we had many good times and tons of laughs doing the recording, we sincerely hope your children enjoy it.

The games consist of....

Shape Sorter, where you place the correct shapes in the correct coloured boxes. When the shapes have been correctly sorted a short animation play's along with a short sound file. Teaches the child about 'Drag & Drop'

Puzzle game, there are small pictures that you place in a frame to make the picture shown on the screen (only one image to choose from in this version). When the pictures have been correctly placed a short sound file is played and the screen flashes different colours. Teaches the child about 'Drag & Drop' and mouse control

Spelling Game, 6 words (can be redefined by an adult) that need to be spelt correctly, if the word is wrongly spelt there is a small animation and sound file played. Similarly if the word is correctly spelt a different animation of a small child is shown and a different sound file played. Teaches the child about the keyboard layout and Spellings

Maths Game. Maths can be fun, in this simply addition game, you have to count the number of Teddy Bears shown

(along with the numbers). The object of the game is to make 'Cassie' the dragon sneeze, a correct answer will result in the Dragon sneezing, n incorrect answer will result in, well something else, we can't give it all away here J. Teaches the child about the numerical layout of the keyboard and maths.

Scribbles. Is a simple drawing game with colours, shapes and freehand drawing, The idea of the game is mouse skills, colour recognition and fun. Once the child has finished their drawing they can press a single button to make the current image the Windows default wallpaper. There are also 10 different tunes that play randomly in the background while they are drawing.

Stomping Game. In this section the child learns about mouse control, hand to eye co-ordination. The object of the game is to stomp as many spiders as you can to gain as many points as you can, along the way the child learns about hand to eye co-ordination and mouse skills, just all out good fun.

There is a set up screen for use by adults where you can enter the child name which is used throughout the program and you can change any of the 4 sets of spellings to your own tastes.

With all of the games there is a strong emphasis on fun, the child will want to play the game because it's fun, not because they are learning, and they will certainly have fun. We removed the idea of 'Wrong & Correct' and replaced them with more entertaining methods, for example in the Maths Game we have 'Happy Faces' & 'Sad or Mad Faces', who cares whether your child gets the answer correct or wrong, fun is the main objective of the game with learning as back ground task, obviously the child will want to get the answers correct to see more 'Happy Faces'.

All of the buttons are over sized and the fonts made bigger so that a child can use the games easily once they have been shown whet they are supposed to do.


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