Google Hangouts vs WhatsApp vs Blackberry Messenger

Google Hangouts vs WhatsApp vs Blackberry Messenger

Almost every mobile platform has its own messaging app from BBM to iMessage and the aborted GTalk which is now replaced with Hangouts. But WhatsApp is the only widely used instant messaging app with cross platform support that enables conversations between different operating systems, one of the major reason for its huge success. No doubt, Google is making all effort to dominate the entire internet and this is obvious by attempting to buy WhatsApp, developing Google glass projects, their new music streaming service, Android OS, social media, online transaction and now instant messaging on mobile. All these services have been a great challenge to other platforms and in the mobile market, we’ve seen how Android is being a major contender to iOS Apple. Of course that is not the issue at hand here, this post is focused on the success of Hangouts amongst other messaging apps though it may be a little too early to judge.

WhatsApp (Rated 5 of 5 stars)

Whatsapp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which enable group chat, photos, video and location sharing. The only reason WhatsApp is gaining more popularity is the fact that its multi platform. If we are to judge based on its features, Hangout is likely to be the winner from my end since its available on PC and supports video chat. Meanwhile, its a wise move for WhatsApp not to sell to Facebook and Google as earlier reported, now WhatsApp is the only challenger to Hangout and Hangout can never easily overcome WhatsApp unless its also available on other platforms like Blackberry and Windows. It’s not really sure if Google will make the app available on these platforms and another problem is that you must have a Google+ account to really use it. Not everyone has a Google+ account and this can be a shortcoming. Whatsapp has this edge over others and with just your phone number which serves as your ID, you can get your contacts synced easily. Most users wouldn’t drop any messaging app for WhatsApp.

Hangouts (Rated 4.5 of 5 stars)

It is no more a tittle-tattle that Hangouts app is live and available for Android and iOS; many lovers of the late Gtalk have been enjoying this new Google app that comes late due to Google trying to develope the app to perfection and actually be a real replacement for Gtalk. I wouldn’t ignore the fact that this app is new compared to other successful messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype Facebook and BBM and for this reason it is more likely to be affected with many flaws and the “upcoming features” not yet included may cause impatient users to talk blindly about Hangouts but hey, don’t you think its nice to have one app for messaging, calling and video? As mentioned above, the only drawback is the Google account that’s required to use it which may not sit well with a lot of people.

Blackberry Messenger (Rated 4 of 5 stars)

The Blackberry messenger application that has been, from the start, available on Blackberry devices lets Blackberry users send and receive messages, attachments among each other as soon as their unique BBM PIN is shared. BBM has been that feature other users on other mobile platforms like Android and iOS often envy but recently, Blackberry announced they intend to make their precious BBM available on Android and iOS which is really a wrong move. Will Android users neglect their Hangout and use BBM? And I wonder if its possible for iOS users to abandon their iMessage and Hangouts as well. In my opinion, they should rather make it “personal” as before, that is, if you want to use BBM you must own a Blackberry device. Of course, BBM has great features that may not be available on other mobile chat applications and it may gain more popularity when it finally comes Android and iOS. Obviously, it’s like Blackberry is digging their own grave if this happens because most Blackberry users would switch to Android or iOS… it can never be other way round as they hope.

Its time these platforms know what their customer really want. By entering into this tight competition, they will provide better service to us. Soon we will have more ways to chat for free with friends on various mobile platforms, the pressure will now be on Apple to open up iMessage which I don’t see happening anytime or at least, make it better than what it is right now.

By Thundey Harwall 

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