How to Make Blog More Seo for Beginners

How to Make Blog More Seo for Beginners
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Post title is important in SEO Optimization, post titles unique and accurate will bring blessings to bring you into the top 10 in the search engines, use the one with the post title word or phrase containing the main keyword alias keywords often in the type of people, such as "How to Create a Blog on Blogger", well now we have made it a unique title so that search engine users are interested to click on your blog and Search Engine can differentiate content with one another, such as being "Easiest Way to Create a Blog on Blogger", with the addition of the word that can also attract the attention of search engine users such as "The Easiest Way to Make BLOG at BLOGGER", if you can wear Punctuation. article title should be short, solid and clear. Article title should describe the content of the Content, and do not let the title of the post as Page 1, Untitled, and others. do not be too long in making the title, because it could cut off a portion of your post title in the search results so it would be worth - nothing.

Good navigation
Breadcrumbs Navigation Navigation is here though is actually not only breadcrumbs, navigation will help visitors find the post that they are looking for and help them not to get lost. navigation also helps Search Engines to understand the contents of the content - the content. c
Breadcrumbs navigation
Breadcrumbs navigation

Mark said that Contain Keyword
Mark here is the intent of such signaling Bold / Bold or Italic outline, underline and color. But keep in mind, the use of sign content Bold will distract from your content and make content look bad, do not overdo the bold use of the keyword, sebutuhnya just because it'll actually be a Friendly Visitor no

404 Overcome on Your Site
Just imagine if you change a website url, as it should be but because of the error (.) (.) htm, now appears a page with the text "404 Page Not Found", this ya that should be avoided, this will annoy the visitors and very hostile, to solve it you can make the switch, so the picture is if the page they are looking for are not No it will automatically be moved to a page that has been set, you can try typing in this blog with blogspot url (.) com/2013/02/gimana-gua (.) html, what will happen? you will switch to the Table of Contents page named, there you can find the article you are looking for because there are all post - my post, to do this you can go to my post on How to Overcome 404 Page Not Found, and also to make a list of its contents you can go to How to Create Automated Content on Your Blog

Keep Your Health Blog
Maintaining a blog with the search engines will like the positive impact on the SERP as well, so just imagine you are playing with the sick and the healthy, the sick would when playing hard in games he would often invite fatigue compared to healthy individuals so frisky she surely you will and often prefer to play with him. maintain health by minimizing the blog can be done at Broken links, crawl errors, avoiding duplicate content either, meta description, Title Tag, Title Tag Missing, and so forth (this is often in the report by Webmaster), and also check your blog in Google Webmaster RichSnippet. according to other bloggers broken link can cause your blog indexed long, wah wah but still he does, to duplicate this content to watch, because my blog a few weeks backward improved in terms of duplicate content, so long down the SERP and indexed, the same natural for you to be aware of this because it is duplicate content on hate google. read a post on How to Check Broken links in Blog Quickly, How to Overcome and Prevent Duplicate Content Blog, Overcoming URL Crawl Crawl Errors or Errors

Use Page Sitemap for Blog and Sitemap to Webmaster
Sitemap page for the blog is the Table of Contents page that contains a collection or all the posts - your blog post, is friendly to visitors because visitors can find what they are looking for a post, this can increase your blog page views read post How to Create a Table of Contents in Your Blog Automatically, for Webmaster Sitemap XML File. recommended because it can accelerate the lawyer's post-index updates your sitemap as an overview of the post - your posts, there is usually a url and when it was last modified or edited in the XML sitemap file. read post Post Blog Sitemap in Google Webmaster

Post a Qualified
well this is a must have, quality posts. in addition to visitors like this search engine likes quality posts as any search engine it wants to make its users happy with the results of the search conducted search engines. create quality posts with detailed, clear, fresh, easy to read, use the word - the word raw, do not get out of the topic of the content and have a lot of words of content, search engines like posts that have a lot of words, I would not know how many a good word for a post that preferred search engine.

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