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The damage to the environment due to large amount of industrial wastes and dumping is not an unfamiliar topic. Plastics have been a target of many environmental groups since they are non degradable and cause damage to atmosphere, plants and animal and marine life. Amidst such criticisms in the past, the flexible packaging companies have come up with plastics which are sustainable in nature. What is sustainable packaging? Simply put it means eco friendly measures of manufacturing packaging components thereby helping the companies reduce their carbon footprint and waste.

The Indian Flexible packaging industry is a growingmarketwith an estimated value of $900 million according to the IBEF. Plastics dominate the flexible packaging industry in India, where 40-50% of total plastic produced is used in packaging industry.

Therefore, flexible packaging companies like Uflex Ltd, India’s largest flexible packaging company,are at the helm of important trends in product protection, package design and minimization of waste, customer satisfaction and conservation of resources thereby having a positive impact not only on the business and customers but also on the environment.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, CMD, Uflex India Ltd has been an advocate for sustainablepackaging in the country. Furthering this cause with a motto of Tomorrow’spackaging using today’s waste, Uflex conserves energy by using eco-friendly technologies. It reduces its carbon footprints by focussing onbiodegradable packaging materials. By adopting the advance flexographic printing technique the flexible packaging giant ensures minimum carbon footprint in its manufacturing. Recycling of fizzy water bottles and similar plastic packages to create new packaging material is also a part of Uflex’s sustainable packaging drive. The company believes that wherever possible all flexible packaging should be recycled in the same industry.

With the ever consciousconsumer at the end of the line it has become imperative for flexible packaging companies to look forinnovative ways to introduce sustainability in Uflex products. For instance, Uflex in its plastic film segment has come with Green PET Films, rPET Films, Special Heat Sealable Films and other such innovations. In its packaging product segment products like Eco friendly Lexi tube, Slider Zipper, 3D Bags, etc are some of the products that have proven to be excellent examples of sustainable packaging.

Flexible packaging is less waste emitting as compared to rigid containers like tins and cans. They use 88% less fossil fuel in production. Produces 85% less CO2 emissions during manufacturing and offers a whopping 66% reduction in solid waste. It is therefore not difficult to see why the sustainable flexible packaging industry is so valuable.

Flexible packaging proves its usefulness and value to its consumers, product and the environment. With innovations in this industry there is an increase in product protection, consumer convenience, enhanced retail shift impact and improvedmanufacturingefficiencies, all the while using less natural resources and creating less waste. Innovative flexible packaging is a safe and sustainable way to offer value for everyone be it consumers or the environment.

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