4 Tips To Effectively Balance Work And Studies In College

4 Tips To Effectively Balance Work And Studies In College

Your time management skills as a student are put to a test during your time in college, but most especially if you have to work and study at the same time to support yourself and help pay for your education.
The combination of school work, school activities and a job is overwhelming and it will affect your productivity as a student, your personality and health when abused. If you plan to work part or full time while attending school you need to know how to balance your time and make it more productive. Choosing a job related to your college major is also to your advantage as it will add value to what you learn in class.

1. Look For a Suitable Job

Start looking for a job on campus or off campus. Many businesses located around colleges employ students on a part time and full time basis as long as it will not conflict with the school schedule. Opting for work near campus allows you to save up on transportation expenses and offers you flexibility so you can attend your classes and work on time. Look for a position that requires at least 15 to 20 hours of work in a week providing you with more time to study and socialize as well. Consider companies and positions that are related to your major. If you are taking up marketing, then a door to door, online or on site sales marketing position will be more appropriate as your working hours will be flexible.

2. Student -Friendly Employers

When you go job hunting prioritize companies that have been employing students through the years. These companies will have more consideration for working college students and assign you flexible hours each week whenever possible. This is essential as academic work loads will vary each week in every semester. Although you need to work to help pay for your education, you must not risk not being able to study or attend classes.

3. Organize Your Schedule

After you are hired for the job that suits your needs, you will have to get organized. A calendar or a planner will help you stick to a schedule and find time for everything you have to do. Mark your exam dates, project deadlines, study time, personal commitments, work schedule and other activities and refer to it whenever something new comes up. However, do not forget to allot time to have fun and be with your family and friends. This way you avoid spending too much time on one task and catching up whenever you fall behind.

4. Make Connections

Socialize as a student and as a co-worker because the people you meet and maintain good connections with will be invaluable. They can help you cope with the pressure at work and at school and you can help them too. When you take on a marketing job, students you befriend can refer your services and products to their families too.

Balancing work and school is not an easy task but it is necessary if you need the extra funds to help you through college. Nevertheless, opt for a job that will not require too much of your time and stress you out, as your priority must be your studies.


Valerie Leeson is a freelancer writer specializing in marketing and sales techniques for working college students.
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