Floating hotels: relaxing at sea

Floating hotels: relaxing at sea
Forget a holiday by the sea, how about a holiday under it? There is something exciting and almost mythical about underwater living – and these designers have created hotels and villas that are comfortable and luxurious, making the most of the dazzling beauty of the underwater world.

Manta Resort, Tanzania

This unique floating hotel drifts 300 metres off the coast of Pemba Island in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, part of the Manta Resort complex in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The second underwater project by Swedish designer Mikael Genberg, this room is split between the surface and the sea, with the sleeping area four metres under the water and the shower and relaxation area above it, accessible via a deck made from local hardwood. At night, the exterior of the bedroom is lit to attract the residents of the sea to the windows. Finally, a staircase gives access to the roof of the hotel, where guests can sunbathe during the day and stargaze at night.

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SeaScape floating villas

When designing the SeaScape villas, BMT Group Asia Pacific focused on making the project live up to its name – providing unbeatable views of the surrounding ocean from a cylinder of acrylic glass. Floating on triangular pontoons, the villas extend 3 metres underwater, with a living area, bathroom and bedroom arranged around a spiral staircase to offer a 360-degree view of the underwater neighbourhood. The villas can be towed to shore and used as a normal house, and they are easily extendable from the standard 65 square metres to up to 170 metres.

Ventilated by the breeze and insulated by the sea, the villas are also impressive ecologically – alternative energy sources mean they can operate either as standalone capsules or as part of a larger complex. Moreover, while they come as standard with the kind of utilities you would find on a yacht, the SeaScape villas can also be fitted with solar panels or a small generator.

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A winner at the Millennium Yacht Design Awards, this floating hotel from Serbian studio Salt&Water is a completely mobile invention designed to develop tourism on rivers and lakes. It is divided into two components, each with a different function – one part is the relaxation area, with a hotel, restaurant, staff quarters, cafĂ© and conference hall, and the second is a docking station for 'catamaran-rooms'. Sleeping 4 each, the catamarans contain a bedroom, bathroom, hallway and storage area, with a private terrace outside for fishing, swimming or simply admiring the view.


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